There is nothing that spoils me more than sharing a nice plan with you, but I’ve decided to create this section cause you have been asking about my Wishlist and I didn’t have one.

Well, I still don’t have a Wishlist but since I can understand that it can be useful for you sometimes, I want to tell you the things I like for those of you who want to surprise me without knowing me well enough.

I am very passionate about gastronomy and any plan that includes nice food would be a pleasant surprise.

I don’t drink alcohol, but I still make an exception for wine. Above all, if I am sharing it with someone. Red, white, rosé and sparkling.

When it comes to underwear, I like lingerie designs of Other Stories, Etam, Intimissimi, Oysho, Hunkemoller, Aubade, Agent Provocateur and Mariemur.

My sizes are 90C – M

  • I don’t use perfume and when it comes to cosmetics, I like natural products with soft and subtle aromas.
  • When it comes to clothing, I use simple designs, and solid and lively colors. I love dresses and comfy and elegant pieces in general. Sportswear like leggings, tops, sweaters, running shoes and such would also come handy as I use and destroy them a lot.
  • Any gift related to wellbeing such as massage, spa, etc. are also perfect for my hedonist character.
  • Regarding books, I generally like novels but I also dare read essay quite often as well. I can also enjoy graphic novels too. To name some authors I like, I can say Julio Cortázar, Miguel Delibes, Raymond Carver, Stefan Zweig, Carmen Laforet, Almudena Grandes, Vladimir Nabokov, Marguerite Duras, Paul Auster, Fatima Mernissi, Gabriel García Márquez, Carmen Martín Gaite, Mary Shelley…

You can decide to surprise me, which I will love! Or you can ask me what I need or want at the moment. It would be a pleasure to guide you more if you need it. Some of you decide to go with gift cards, which is welcome as well.