If you have come this far, I imagine that it’s because you are thinking about getting to know each other. Let me help you make the decision by telling something else.

My style fits more in “GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE”. As I’ve said before, I am a natural and spontaneous individual and I like meeting new people and living new experiences together. Thus, we do not have a cold experience, but quite the opposite. I consider myself a closer, loving, attentive and respectful person, not someone distant at all.
I would also like to comment on the most delicate part of the encounter, not only to clear up your doubts, but also to be able to dedicate all our time to ourselves and to avoid awkward questions and answers.


1h                                                    250 

1,5h                                                 350

2h                                                    500


3h                                                    700

4h                                                    850

Additional Hours                           100


10h                                                1350

24h                                                2300

48h                                                3800

72h                                                5000

Additional Days                          1000

The Perfect Match

(4 hours of brunch, lunch or dinner and the best dessert)

For those of you that do not know me yet, I’ll say that this is one of my favorite plans. Why?
Because there is nothing more stimulating that getting to know each other, seducing one another
with no rush before passing to the third act.

I also offer a series of special practices with a supplement, which I can tell you privately in case you are interested, including for instance you coming with your partner. In long meetings, they will be my courtesy without any supplement.

For any other questions that may arise, contact me, I will be at your disposal.