Someone highly appreciated and trustworthy met each one of us seperately, and decided to bring us together cause he thought we would get on well. And bingo!

Clara Miranda and Valerie May, with their furious sensuality, absolute freedom and brilliant intelligence, are very special for me. People that I want in my life. You can’t even imagine the stories we have to remember, and the ones awaiting us. We can be the best company for you in Madrid, where Clara and I live, as well as in Barcelona, where Valerie resides. And we can also visit you wherever you want us to meet you.

I rejoice intensely in the dates with them, cause any plan in their company is unrivalled. We like having an interaction so natural and spontaneous with you, just like when you are with your uncontrollable friends. We dedicate this page to help you get to know us together. In case you desire to unite us!

Bisexual Duo
(Two of us with you)

1H 600
2H 1000
3H 1400

Cosmic Trio
(The very united three and you)

1H 900
2H 1500
3H 2100

And as we also like plans that include socializing beforehand to get us ready for what’s to come, we have considered adding these experiences packs as well.


An introductory appetizer

(Breaking the ice with a vermouth or a coffee, before 1h of ending)

With Two of Us With Three

A Gourmet Experience

(A brunch, lunch or dinner in excellent company
with 1h of the best dessert)

With Two of Us With Three

NOTE: The prices do not include the travel expenses from a city to another.